About us

For decades, Top Roofing Guys has been one of the leading providers of roofing, ceiling work, partitioning and much more. Most of the success that the company has been built upon is based upon our passion for roofing and construction in general and the pride that we take in our work. The result of that experience in the field is a streamlined way of doing business and a professional organization committed to providing roofing excellence to our customers.

Our company is set up to meet the needs of a large variety of markets and just about any customer. We handle residential and small-scale jobs, commercial roofing jobs, industrial and even special-care jobs like restoration work. We also provide large scale roofing.

Our experts in residential roofing and ceilings focus on small-scale installation, usually on private homes, but occasionally on duplexes and other types of multi-family residences. Our commercial roofing and industrial services staff are experts in large-scale roofing on a commercial basis.

Top Roofing Guys also is completely capable of more specialized work like timber frame construction and restoration of historical buildings. We are also certified Asbestos removal company and can do the re-roofing and installation of insulation after the Asbestos has been removed. We take on large-sale projects in association with other companies to offer you complete service.

The History of the Company

Top Roofing Guys was built. It first began as a trading company, and imported Dutch clay roof tiles from a location on Strand Street. Before very much time has passed, the demand for high-quality products and services provided by the company was exceeding the ability to provide them, and the company expanded to become one of the most well-known and oldest roofing companies in.

Top Roofing Guys began to build up our strengths, and had the opportunity to work on some of the most prominent buildings in. The company has grown very quickly over the recent decades and we are proud to serve the homes and business.

Our Quality Guarantee

We regularly look at our company departments and make improvements, and we use the four following asset and quality expectations to determine our changes.

• The Satisfaction of Our Customers

• Operation Excellence

• The People (Our Staff)

• Financial Success

Where ever we can see improvements, we look for them. We have external safety inspectors in place to audit our organization and we use active customer service questionnaires to find out what our customers think and how we can improve.

Our company procedures and levels of service are documented in our Standard Operating Procedures for regular review and we have templates in place for service.

At Top Roofing Guys safety is always our first priority. We have innovative training that creates compliance with our safety protocols and training. Our commitment to health and safety is demonstrated below.

Each site has a plan in place that creates the methods and protocols used, as well as risk assessment and specific plans to mitigate any risk. We have an ever-changing system of safety protocols that is reviewed regularly with actions taken immediately when they need to be. So give us a call and let us see how we can help you. We are passionate about our work and customer satisfaction is our most important goal. We are the best for a very good reason so get in touch and find out just why that is.

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