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At Top Roofing Guys, we’re one of the top choices for customers who need roofing, partitioning and ceiling work done. You can trust our experts when it comes to building renovation, any type of repair and replacement and much more. Top Roofing Guys uses the latest technology available when it comes to building and all of the work that we do is covered by our customer satisfaction promise. Whatever type of work you need done, from Asbestos removal, timber frame jobs, installation of solar technology, and special roof construction that requires great care like restoration of aged or damaged homes, Top Roofing Guys offers residential roofing services of all types.



We also offer commercial and industrial services on everything to do with roofing, including supply, installation, roof repair and replacement roofs. We also offer commercial and industrial ceiling work and partitioning systems for offices. When it comes to commercial roofing services we offer everything that you could possible need including: waterproofing services, gutters, painting and exterior work, general maintenance, insulation installation, removal of Asbestos and replacement roofs, as well as complete office refurbishments, so call Top Roofing Guystoday at 888-609-0466.



Top Roofing Guys has been able to develop the capability to do specialized and large scale projects, far beyond just roofing, ceiling and partition installation. We have such a strong position in the market here because have the ability and the technology to take on large, national projects from anywhere. Our company has been able to build a reputation of excellence for roofing that extends far beyond the small and mid-sized levels. No job is too small, and no job is too big so give us a call at 888-609-0466.

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What We Offer in Roofing

We offer residential, commercial and industrial services in roofing for all types of roof systems, and we offer services in ceiling and partitioning as well. Our services run the gamut from painting, roof repair, roof installation and general roof maintenance all the way to related services like gutters, removal of asbestos and the installation of new insulation, as well as specialized roofing that includes wood rafters, beams and trusses. When it comes to large-scale Abestos removal, we’re experts in the field and we handle roof replacement projects as well as complete office refurbishments and other specialized services.

New Roof Installation

When it comes to new builds for commercial and industrial places like warehouses, manufacturing, retail stores and schools we are able to take on projects of any size. We cover every type of roofing that is available, and offer related services like waterproofing, painting and insulation services. Top Roofing Guys is certified and accredited to remove Asbestos on any scale.

We also offer eco-roofing services like solar installation and rainwater harvesting.

Some of the contract builds that we’ve worked on in the past include: Shoprite’s distribution centers, Pick-n-Pay, Spark, the JD Group and Ellerines. Top Roofing Guys also has or has had roofing contracts with many major retail centers like the Vangate Mall, the N1 City Mall, the West Coast Mall and the Blue Route Mall as well as the Liberty Promenade.

Roof Replacement and Refurbishment

When we do roof restoration at Top Roofing Guys it is typically because the roof is no longer suitable for the dwelling or other type of building because of deterioration from age, although in some cases, a natural disaster or other problem has made the roof unsuitable. Hazards like Asbestos are handled by a team under an experienced project manager and all team members that work to remove the Asbestos are properly trained.

Asbestos removal usually involves:

  • - The stripping and removal of the asbestos sheets.
  • - Repainting and refurbishing structure steelwork
  • - Replacement of roof sheet with color bond or fiber cement
  • - The installation and repair of wood beams and frames, rafters that have become exposed and trusses.

Our projects are wide and varied, from residential homes to industrial and commercial buildings including hospitals, schools and historical buildings that require great care.

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